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Water Ripple

I believe in finding tools to support my healthy lifestyle. These should be intentional, supportive of my goal to live more sustainably and easy to incorporate into my weekly rhythm. I am focused on improvement here rather than perfection. Below you will find updated things of what I am loving right now and I'm using to live a more toxic-free, healthy life. 

Mental Clarity

Environmental Clarity

Having a community to get involved in and a sense of purpose is one of the key pillars to mental and physical health. 

  • Park runs

  • Community clubs

  • Parent groups

  • Join an activity you enjoy to get to know people

  • Local book club

  • Women's Institute

  • Learn a new skill to meet people with similar interests. I recently attended a course at the Cambridge Flower School and LOVED it. 

Physical Clarity

  • My absolute favourite Water Bottle

  • I love joining challenges to move my body. There are great Monthly challenges out there such a #steptember

  • I use daily supplements and choose Nutri Advance because of the promise on quality. 

  • Getting a daily juice in is becoming more vital to ensure all my nutritional needs are met. Here you can find a wide variety and price options.

Financial Clarity

This maybe one of the most underrated and least spoken about topics. While everyone's circumstance is unique I cannot  recommend this book enough - it changed out families trajectory. We now buy it as gift for everything we are invited to. Weddings, Birthdays, Engagements and Baby Showers.

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